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In the market for a new vacuum cleaner, but don’t know what to buy?  Not all vacuums are created equal!  Choosing the right vacuum for your home or business can make a huge difference in your cleaning experience.

Canister Vacuums

Canister VacuumsA compact canister vacuum is an entry-level cleaning tool that offers a lightweight yet powerful cleaning experience. These vacuums feature a full-power motor and are ideal for daily cleaning, edge cleaning and cleaning upholstery and drapes. You can also use them in small spaces, car interiors, on stairs and bare floors. Compact canister vacuums don’t have a rotating brush.  To use, you hold the cleaning wand in your hand, while debris collects in the canister. When you’re finished, you can empty the contents of the canister directly into the trash. Compact canister vacuums may or may not use bags.
A full-size canister vacuum operates in a similar way, but offers a bigger canister capacity. Higher quality units have a power nozzle and a rotating brush for carpeted flooring areas. Full sized canister vacuums offer detailed cleaning power and are highly versatile. In addition to cleaning hard floors and carpets, you can clean edges, stairs, upholstery and other hard-to-reach areas.

Upright Vacuums

UprightsUpright vacuums are generally larger and heavier than canister vacuums. They may or may not require bags. An upright vacuum is a hinged, one-piece instrument. The cleaning head comes in close contact with the floor and may be height-adjustable to accommodate different surfaces. Upright vacuums use one of two major designs.

Direct Air Upright Vacuums

Tital Commercial Direct AirA direct air design uses a large fan located near the vacuum nozzle, which draws air and dirt up through the fan. The air and dirt are routed into a container or disposable bag stored inside the vacuum case.  Direct air upright vacuums offer a powerful cleaning option for both bare and carpeted floors. Their high airflow is efficient, meaning that they deliver an excellent cleaning experience while using less electricity than some other designs. Direct air designs use a pull-push action that pulls dirt into the fan, and then pushes it into the collector, creating a more effective cleaning experience than fan bypass designs. All debris collected by the vacuum goes through the fan, so small, hard objects can cause damage to this part.

Clean Air Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums that use a fan bypass design create a vacuum in the bag or dust cup itself. The suction transfers the dirt from the nozzle or hose to the container, bypassing the fan altogether. Fan bypass designs may be bagged or bagless, and offer better exhaust air filtration than direct air designs do. Unlike the direct air design units, fan bypass units do not permit debris to pass through the fan, so they reduce the risk of damage to the unit by hard objects that the vacuum may pick up.
Fan bypass units offer hose and tool options of limited effectiveness for detail cleaning due to the length of the hose. The fan bypass design extends the travel path for the dirt, which may tend to clog the hose, so these units may offer a less effective cleaning experience. These units may also consume more electricity than other vacuum designs.
High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration is designed to capture and retain dust particles before they exit the vacuum cleaner. A true sealed HEPA filters can capture more than 99.9% of dust particles that are .3 microns or larger. While many vacuum cleaners offer “HEPA” filtration, dust may still escape the vacuum due to the unit’s design or construction. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, a True HEPA filter on your vacuum may help, provided that you also empty the bag or dust cup outdoors and have your vacuum cleaned and serviced regularly to eliminate dust and allergens that may build-up in the unit.

Steam Cleaners

Steam CleanersVacuum cleaners are an essential part of removing debris from carpets and rugs, but sometimes, you want to get a carpet really clean. In that case, you want to use a steam cleaner.  A steam cleaner is a device that uses hot water and cleaning solution, deposits the solution on a dry, dirty carpet or rug, and then extracts the dirty water back into a holding tank for disposal. Steam cleaners don’t actually produce steam, but can be used to spot clean a carpet that has been stained or soiled, or they can be used to clean an entire carpeted surface.
John’s Sweeper Service carries steam cleaners, carpet-cleaning products, parts and accessories for those tough jobs where CLEAN is the only acceptable result!

Commercial Sweepers

Commercial SweepersJohn’s Sweeper Service proudly carries Hoover and Titan commercial cleaning equipment. We are an authorized dealer and warranty service center for Hoover commercial sweepers. Commercial cleaners pick up fine dirt and are designed for long periods of continuous use. Commercial sweepers also feature heavier, longer grounded cords. We also service what we sell, so if your business requires reliable carpet and floor care, John’s Sweeper Service is here to help!

Parts and Accessories

We carry parts and accessories for a wide range of vacuum cleaners and brands.

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