The Nasty truth behind Carpet Fresh room refresher:

Many people have noted that they use Carpet Fresh room and vacuum deodorizer but are unaware of the implications of the product. Carpet Fresh is basically scented baking soda a fine powder that when applied sifts to the bottom of the mat of the carpet and is actually non removable. No vacuum can remove all the debris left by the product and it will accumulate over time. Carpet scrubbers can help but will just create a thick wet mess deep in the carpet. The product also causes major issues for the vacuum cleaner being used. Its fine powder quickly clogs up filters and filter bags leading to decreased performance and overheating and clogging.
There is a solution to the problem of stale odors while vacuuming. John’s Sweeper Service carries Nilofresh and Fragrant Scents which are granular products that will not clog up the filter system or harm the carpet yet still freshen the air.
Stop in today and pick up some of this great product and freshen your home while protecting your cleaner and carpet.

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