The Miele Robot Vacuum

Miele robot vacuum In today’s busy world it is hard to find time to manage a family go to work and clean house. The Miele robot vacuum may be the answer many consumers are looking for. The Miele Scout features a large dirt bin and side brushes to clean even the hardest areas of the house all on its own. The cleaner will run for two hours on one charge and when it’s done or low on battery return to the charging dock automatically. An infrared camera on top of the cleaner allows it to know where in the room it is and what has been cleaned. Its low profile allows it to go under beds, couches, tables and other hard to reach places. Unlike other robot cleaners it is able to be repaired by a Miele dealer. It features suction as well as brush action to clean carpets. There are many program modes to choose from. Use the handy remote to simply tell it to start and clean or set the clock and choose from a variety of cleaning modes. With its adjustable wheels it can easily climb over stoops and do carpet and bare floor simultaneously. The Miele Scout is extremely quiet but effective.

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