Hoover Model N

The Hoover Model N vacuum was made in New Berlin, Ohio in 1918. This was the last model to be labeled made in New Berlin later that year being changed to North Canton. People of the day did not want to be associated with anything German after WWI. The decision was made in Jan 2018 to change the city name to North Canton.

This model features a push button switch, cloth cord and light bulb socket plug. The light bulb socket plug sometimes referred to as a Benjamin plug for Benjamin Franklin Electric allowed the cleaner to run off the homes current lighting power supply. Most homes of the era did not have receptacle outlets like we are accustom to today. The outer bags were made of stitched sateen fabric and were hung from a slide bar on the handle. These vacuums were powered by Robbins and Myers motors made in Springfield, Ohio. These motors were oil lubricated by placing one drop of oil in the top oil cup every four hours of use. The motors were very low amperage being between one and two amps.

The frame of the vacuum was hand sand cast in aluminum. There were no casting technology of the times other than that of the sand cast process. The form was made in sand and the metal poured in. The casting was rough due do the crude process. These models featured a motor driven brush made of aluminum and horse hair with bearing end caps. Stop in and see this restored model today at John’s Sweeper Service.

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