Fuller Brush Power Maid Hand Vacuum

Many hand vacuums made today are not very effective at cleanups due to their cheap design and low suction power. The Fuller Brush Power Maid hand vacuum is not one of those cleaners. This cleaner has a motor driven brush with a lifetime belt that does not need to be replaced. The cleaners has a on board hose and pull out natural bristle dusting brush ready for corners and all tight hard to reach places. The cleaner has a washable HEPA filter and dirt screen for extended filter life. The dirt cup features a rear mounted dump port for easy empty. The power brush is perfect for pet hair and all kinds of quick clean ups. With a long cord and quality construction this hand vacuum will stand the test of time and provide quality cleaning for years to come. Put the power of an upright vacuum in your hand with the now in stock Fuller Brush Power Maid handvac. Stop in and see how this innovative quality cleaner can make your life easier.

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