Commercial vacuums, are they really necessary versus a residential cleaner?

A common question from businesses and churches is are commercial vacuums really necessary or is a residential cleaner sufficient.

There are a few key points to note that make a commercial vacuum a necessity over a residential cleaner. Residential vacuum warranties are voided if used commercially because they are not designed to run for extended periods of time or have the filtering ability required by commercial applications.

Commercial buildings accumulate a vast amount of fine dirt due to heavy foot traffic. Residential cleaners cannot filter out this fine dirt leading to motor failure. Commercial vacuums also have longer heavier grounded cords. These are not only good for bigger area cleaning but with extended run times can deliver power to the motor without overheating. Most commercial cleaners are outfitted with a 10amp max power motor versus a residential 12amp.

There is not much different in cleaning effectiveness between them but the 10amp motor runs at a lower temperature extending its life. Commercial cleaners are also backed with a commercial warranty. The original investment of a commercial cleaner is greater than that of a residential vacuum but will outlast and perform better saving over time. Commercial cleaners are almost always bagged. This is for the simple fact that bags are cheaper to replace than filters. With the fine dirt the cleaners are picking up an expensive HEPA filter would need to be changed very often leading to high cost.

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