Bad Suction

Does your vacuum have bad suction or does it not seem to operate as well as it did when it was new? Changing the filter bag or cleaning the filters more often will dramatically increase the suction and cleaning power of the vacuum. Filter bags should be changed when they are about a quarter full. This allows the incoming air to be pulled out of the bag more efficiently leading to better cleaning performance and longer motor life. Bagless vacuums require pre-filters and exhaust filters to capture the fine dirt and filter the air. Keeping these filters cleaned and changed will allow more air to pass through the filter system leading to more air flow.

Belts can also aid in the performance of the vacuum cleaner. Belts over time stretch out and do not put the proper tension on the brush roll causing it to not agitate the carpet as fast as it should. A newly installed belt will cause the brush roll to turn at full speed and agitate the carpets working the dirt to the top where the air flow can pick it up and remove it. Carpets that look worn down are not being cleaned properly. Keeping filters clean, bags changed and belts changed will bring new life to old carpets.

Dirt and grit that falls to the bottom of the pad in carpets is what is necessary to be removed to keep them looking new and lasting long. This fine grit tears at the fibers causing the carpets to wear out early on. Remember that carpets are always more expensive than vacuum cleaners. Take care of your vacuum cleaner and it will take care of you saving you money in years to come on carpet and rug replacements. Call John’s Sweeper Service or stop in to have your vacuum checked to see if there is anything that needs to be done to increase the performance and make it run at peak proformace.

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